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“Liking and Sharing isn’t participating or contributing it’s just lazy”

One of the most disappointing things about social media is the sudden realisation that the vast majority of people seek recognition for doing basically nothing. BlankWherever your social media lounge is based it is usually littered by a profusion of repetition. People rarely if ever post anything original, express a sincere, profound view or even have the courtesy to comment. It is about time people got their fat backsides off the social media couch and started paying their way.

As a blog writer and some one who initiates debate, plays devils advocate, lays my soul out there in cyberspace for all to see sometimes I would like to feel others are as involved as me. I want them to read, support and criticise. When I open up about all areas of my life from my first love The Arsenal to my professional passion the recruitment industry right or wrong I like to think I am participating in this huge collective called Social Media and the World Wide Web. Yes I share things I have read but I usually add some form of comment as to why I think it is worth sharing, what it means to me or what it doesn’t for that matter.

Yet everywhere you look there are observers, hangers on, freeloaders who just seem to take take take. Let us consider LinkedIn groups for example. I haven’t studied this but I am pretty certain that in most cases less than 10% of any group is actively participant in the group discussions. Even less actually start discussions. You can ask for help a hundred times as I did recently and not one single response or offer of insight or advice. So what is the point of having them? What is the point of being a member of one?

My LinkedIn timeline is often full of people re-posting stuff again and again. Littered with nonsense, proverbial sayings, theological, ideological, philosophical garbage regurgitated again and again like some self sustaining waste recycling system with no comment, observation or indication as to why they thought it was worthy of sharing anyway?

If you can't name a country without the letter A in the name your are an imbecile.

If you can’t name a country without the letter A in the name your are an imbecile.

I’ve taken to ‘hiding’ people who post crap on my LinkedIn timeline. If you don’t know how to ‘hide’ them then just follow these instructions – to the top left of the actual post if you hover over the corner a ‘hide’ button appears. It is bliss trust me. Never again will you have to see someone post the picture Professionally rubbish


Recruitment Myth Buster Part 1 – The Wall Test…

Good morning people. I hope like me you have arrived to work fresh and eager for the day ahead. I know I may be alone in this but there is just something about working in the recruitment industry that makes me smile in a morning and the obligatory leap from the bed to meet the day ahead fills me with excitement and glee.

But putting the smoked salmon bagels and Kopi Luwak latte aside for a moment I want to explain why I was so eager to get into work this morning. Over the last few days everywhere I have looked on LinkedIn there are people who have never worked in recruitment extolling the secret to success in the industry. At first I thought to myself, it can’t be that easy. They don’t know what they are talking about. If it was that easy wouldn’t they be doing it? Why haven’t I come across this secret to financial and personal success after 20 years in the recruitment business? How come all the awesome people I have worked with didn’t know about this simple, easy and cost effective way of delivering recruitment solutions?

I’ll use a direct quote for effect here

“all recruiters do is throw loads of CV’s of candidates they have never met at the wall in the hope that some will stick..”

Brilliant. Even better was this quote along the same lines but with more detail

“how can you justify paying out £10k to a recruiter who doesn’t bother meeting any of the candidates in person, and who merely throws a few CV’s at an employer hoping that one of them will stick ?”

Now having just finished a particular recruitment assignment that from start to finish took 8 weeks to complete. Involved no less than 68 long distance telephone interviews with candidates in Chicago, Austin, Dallas, New York, Boston, San Jose, San Antonio and Detroit and Hong Kong. Often at absurd times of the night (or morning in some cases) speaking to people in depth about technology patents, strategic alliances and OEM’s in the world of analog digital semiconductors and similar the realisation that I could probably have made as much if not more money by simply throwing a load of random CV’s at the wall struck me as mind blowing.

So here I am at 7:30am in the morning with a whole bunch of CV’s. I’ve thought about this overnight and have come to a number of conclusions. Every body say’s it easy but nobody has actually gone into any detail about how it is done. So I have prepared a couple of different options. I have 3 piles of 100 CV’s on my desk. Pile 1 is held together by a bungee cord. Pile 2 is loosely stacked. Pile 3 has been carefully folded in various origami style paper darts. In front of me I have a client of mine in a helmet and safety glasses who has volunteered to take part in this experiment and a freshly cleaned wall……..