Spam Connections = Spam Fritters, the corned beef of connections.

I’m not sure if Spam Fritters are globally infamous, and I do mean Spam Fritters not Spam Filters although the distinction isn’t necessarily that great. If you don’t know what Spam the foodstuff is then click here – Spam. But when I was a child they appeared to be the staple of any school lunch menu and to be frank were pretty bloody awful to say the least.

However, it would seem that like any great product Spam the recipe owned and created by Hormel Foods Corporation back in 1937 has been revitalised. Unfortunately it is in the form of the absolute garbage generated almost constantly by our email transactions. Now we all get this, we all have spam filters, we have firewalls and so on to try and minimise it. But of late there appears to be a whole new kind of bacterial spam infection unique to LinkedIn. The Spam Connection Invitation.

This is cause for concern. As a recruiter / head hunter I connect to lots of people. But as a LinkedIn member since 2005 and with over 5,000 connections I tend to be rather select. In the vast majority of cases either I have reviewed the profile and believe there to be a valid quid pro quo mutual benefit or they have viewed mine and thought the same.

So why do I seem to be constantly targeted by a company called EngageTech? Of the circa 10 connection invitations I receive weekly none of them have reviewed my LinkedIn profile. None of them offer any insight as to why they want to connect with me and none of them have anything of any measurable value to offer me or to reciprocate in any way for connecting with them. I’ve connected with them sometimes and waited for the marketing email, for the introduction to their services but it never comes. So what is their aim, it has to be entirely one sided. The aim of this company and a few others who are very similar in nature must surely be to mine my data, to somehow extend their knowledge through my hard work and perseverance or to simply add my contact details to one of their clients mailing lists.

To that end I now just ignore the request to connect and subsequently block them. But still these invites keep on coming. It is annoying. I know it is probably unique to me, but I still get a little rush of excitement when I receive a connection invitation. I can’t wait to see who has selected me out all the millions of profiles on LinkedIn to extend an invitation to connect is. To say the least it is pretty bloody disappointing to discover that it is just another random EngageTech employee who offers nothing. Who just wants to sell my email address and phone number to the highest bidder.

Sorry EngageTech but whatever it is you are doing you might want to revise your approach. Maybe a little transparency would help, maybe a “Hi Darren, love your profile and think there could be mutual advantage in being connected…..” would go a long way.

My advice to anyone who receives an invitation from an EngageTech employee is to just ignore it, you may actually just significantly reduce your spam levels….


All Donations (comments) appreciated if constructive

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