10 Top Tips to Save Time on LinkedIn

linkedin-tips-global-student-successLinkedIn as we all know can become addictive. Before you know it Pulse is sending and recommending literally hundreds of compelling, thought provoking, ground breaking and intellectually stimulating articles for you to read every – single – day. Richard Branson and James Caan stay up all night squinting into the flickering gas light, drinking cocoa and diligently putting their most exclusive and secret business tips onto paper so you can stay ahead of the game. Then there are the thousands of Top Tips and Best Kept Secrets articles for you to read most of which take you through some surreal merry-go-round in an attempt to collect your data and get you to register for stuff you either already know or never actually wanted to know anyway.

Well here are my 10 Top Tips to Save Time on LinkedIn:

  1. Do not logon to LinkedIn until you have prioritised your day and understand where precisely LinkedIn maintenance or administration sits in that list of priorities. You may be surprised to find it isn’t actually that important. Equally your boss may be surprised at how productive your mornings become.
  2. Ignore all those pesky invitations to connect (to) that creep into your Inbox. Specify a particular time of day when you will review them and accept or decline accordingly. Let’s be honest this isn’t Facebook and the chances of that connection request being from an old flame that broke your heart or the girl that you did tequila shot’s with in Bali is pretty unlikely. The chances are it will be from some obscure guy you have never met who wants to marry you, some fake profile created by some digital marketing freak to collect your data for lead generation purposes by using a photo from a Russian Brides website, or some creepy recruiter trying to offer you a job you are not qualified for that pays far too little in the wrong country.
  3. Ignore that infuriating LinkedIn message that you get everyday listing people’s birthdays and new jobs. You don’t actually know most of them and in reality neither you or they really care. The stark truth is that if you did know them and you did actually care then you would already know this information and acted accordingly.
  4. Turn off all those daily digest emails from Groups. In most cases the content is simply some multi-level marketing advert offering you the opportunity to earn $50,000 per day working from home or some guy in China posting his very cheap electrical items advert in the discussions forum.
  5. Resist the temptation to go through your timeline ‘liking’ every cheesy motivational quote and making banal comments like “Awesome post dude, you rock !!!!!!!!!!!!” just to make your own timeline and activity feed look busy.
  6. Stop replicating other peoples posts, the chances are that 10,000 people have already replicated it and all you are doing is helping to create more detritus on everyone else’s timeline which means that the really important stuff, the stuff worth reading gets lost in a vast dustbin of pointless digital feed.
  7. Resist the temptation to read loads of blog posts. Good blog posts, articles that will really mean something to you, articles that will touch you, change you, improve the way you work will undoubtedly find you in the end. If it doesn’t find you, then you will never know and your life can’t be any worse for not knowing something you didn’t know you needed to know.
  8. Hide comments and posts from people who don’t interest you, or those who just post all of the mundane stuff mentioned above. If you ‘hide’ their feeds you will be surprised at how crystal clear and relevant your own timeline actually becomes. More importantly the really great stuff that is cool and is important will be easier to find and it will be easier for it to find you.
  9. Hide all the sponsored posts which are basically advertisements from ermmm, Sponsors. It is there to sell you something. If you don’t already know that you need to buy it, then you probably don’t need to buy it. So get rid of it.
  10. Ignore any post, article or other media which is titled ’10 Top Tips’ or similar. The chances are it is just something that has been plagiarised about a million times already and is merely someone trying to raise their social media profile and get noticed. Some people get paid to get noticed on LinkedIn. Some people actually pay to get noticed on LinkedIn. If you don’t fall into either category then don’t fall into the spiral of reading their pointless postings.

Next week “10 Top Tips on Things Worth Doing on LinkedIn”

All thoughts and comments are the product of my own imagination, not everything is intended to be taken seriously and not everything is as it may at first appear. Any comments or observations on grammar or spelling will be treated with the contempt they deserve, this isn’t proof read and I am not J.K. Rowling. ; )

All Donations (comments) appreciated if constructive

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