How to choose the right Recruiter for your firm – use a lie detector test?

Lie DetectorIt’s January and probably like me, you are looking forward to an amazing 2015. But you know that achieving your organisations aspirations could hinge on how well your recruitment strategy works.

So how do you choose the perfect recruiter for you? Even if your organisation has been kind enough to unleash procurement and entrust them to set up a PSL for you, how do you know that the recruiters on that PSL can get the job done?

When I’ve worked in interim in-house roles I’ve often wished that I could formally demand that I put my recruitment service providers through a lie detector test. The reasoning behind this is that rarely, in fact never in 20+ years in recruitment have I ever heard a recruiter say “I can’t do that.” Or “Not really my cup of tea, I’d recommend you go to XYZ firm instead.”

More often than not what is said is more like this:

“So Mr Client, you want a Spikey Haired Carrot Cruncher with experience of living on the moon and has expertise in categorising alien life forms? No problem, that is our speciality.”

“Of course I can find you 6 outstanding passive candidates who have no intention of leaving your competition in 2 weeks for a role with your organisation which is paying less, that’s my personal area of expertise.”

I recently met with a high street recruiter who is renowned for recruiting temp clerical staff. They told me in their opening statement that they also do executive search. I asked them to explain their process and assignment strategy, and then sat back as they dug a massive hole big enough to hide a jumbo jet, or possibly even the ego of a Million Pound Biller Recruitment Consultant in!

So answer me this, if you could hook a recruiter up to a lie detector machine and ask them 5 questions before you agreed to do business with them, what questions would you ask them and why?


All Donations (comments) appreciated if constructive

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