Retail Tech Recruitment – Treat job seekers as consumers and reap the rewards.

Recruitment Utopia

imagesSo here we are at last, 2015 has arrived and with it for many, a new age of economic optimism. The retail technology helter-skelter has finally begun to shake out, despite the original doom mongers predictions of a surreal virtual world of on-line stores, it looks like bricks and mortar is here to stay. As a guy who likes to pick things up, try things on and generally get a feel for the quality of the merchandise, I’ll drink to that.

But on a very serious note, we are all excitedly talking about Endless Aisle Inventory Management Systems, little data transforming into Big Analytic’s and how RFID is the new black. Yet few of us are really looking at applying the same level of innovation to the way we attract and engage exceptional talent. Beyond investing in a careers portal and an applicant tracking system (ATS), our desire…

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