The World’s Worst Job Advert – Job Seekers Beware

The excellent organisation Safer Jobs

The excellent organisation Safer Jobs

Want to know what one of the toughest things to be in the World right now is? It’s being a Job Seeker. Trust me, if you haven’t tried it, do. Even if you just pretend for a day. Let me give you one example of why.

Whilst browsing through my professional twitter feed last night I came across this post from The Daily Smarter, for a ‘Director, Human Resources’ vacancy:

“THE TML GROUP INC. – Toronto, ON – strategy to the business strategy Previous experience working in a startup company an asset Candidate Profile: A high energy Leader, the incumbent must be self-directed and motivated Must have a sense of urgency and an entrepreneurial spirit to be successful in a creative and fast paced entrepreneurial environment. Results oriented, the incumbent must also have the ability to “roll up” their sleeves and get involved at a detailed level to ensure that appropriate solutions are delivered in… – Tempo indeterminato – Full time – See more at:

First impressions count and after reading that my first impressions were “How truly bloody awful”. I was stunned by the sheer idiocy of the advert, the absolute lack of any real content or insight. Job seekers have a hard enough time sorting through the rubbish out there in a quest to find a genuine vacancy, but this really does take the biscuit. I thought to myself, this firm needs more than a HR Director, they need a Lecturer in 101 English Language.

But the real kicker was yet to come, curious as to what kind of company could actually post such an advert, I clicked on the ‘Apply now, click here’ link. Fully expecting at worst to be taken to a job board aggregator or similar. Nope, I was actually taken to an page and an advert for a war game called Fate of Arun. I hate war games. So I skipped the advert thinking that maybe this was some kind of initiative test. It wasn’t, it simply took me around to another advert. basically enable anybody to get paid for sharing links on the internet. So effectively there are now hundreds of people who post misleading job adverts on job boards with Apply Now buttons that take you to an advert for something completely different. I’ve seen this in other places and job boards as well, always the free to post ones where there are no real formal checks on content or actual validation of the posting companies identity or authenticity.

This is a shame, as I said at the beginning it’s tough enough being out there in the job market without having your time wasted by pointless exercises such as this. My advice, stick to the credible job boards where an organisation has to pay to advertise. There is a whole plethora of creative and innovative ways that unscrupulous con artists and similar can exploit job seekers whether they are looking to extract up front payments from you or steal your personal identity, but few if any of them will actually pay up front for the privilege.

More information on Job Board Scams and how to be safe here: Safer Jobs

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