Interviewing Backwards – Reverse Engineering Recruitment Part 1

Improvise your interview style and win over passive job seekers, the ones who are basically window shopping.

Recruitment Utopia

Time-wastersThe Candidates are coming

A candidate driven market is one whereby the candidates are in the driving seat and they call the shots. It means that they can window shop to their hearts content. In the retail world consumers now undertake what is commonly known as ‘showrooming’, guess what? Job seekers are doing it too. Ultimately it will cost you time and money, it will ensure you miss recruiting deadlines, maybe fail to deliver strategic goals or projects. Simply because showroom job seekers will interview, they will even go all the way to offer stage and then decline. Simply because they can.

Exceptional talent, the kind of talent that you want in your organisation has options. They know who they want to work for and why and generally they tend to meet with those organisations first. The chances are if you are privileged enough to get some face time…

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