If I was 20 years younger, I’d be a base jumper!

I often see people complaining that LinkedIn isn’t Facebook, often with good cause. But sometimes as professionals in a world of commerce we become absorbed by accomplishments around our careers and financial gain. It’s easy to overlook the truth of our species, that never ending desire to push boundaries, to go where nobody has gone before, to achieve or even just attempt the impossible is an insatiable appetite within our make-up.

20 years ago (or thereabouts) I was a mad alpine climber, I jumped out of hot air balloons and aircraft, I mountain biked and ran marathons. Today, I try to balance my personal life with my professional life, finding time for a good walk, a stretch on a bike or even getting my haircut is difficult. To that end I resort to watching a new generation do all the things I would dearly love to be able to do now, or could have had the chance to do 20 years ago.

Base jumping from buildings and precarious cliff edges, riding air pockets of turbulence down a deep mountain gorge with an alpine meadow below. Or running through city skylines bouncing and leaping from point to point with grace like a two legged mountain goat would be the order of the day for me if I was 20 years younger. Mixing in some snowboarding with loads of Apres-ski, and the occasional hostile terrain marathon would have filled my days across the seasonal calendar.

Instead I’m resigned to doing the things I can do. When I arise in the morning with the help of a can of WD40 for my knees, and stretch my aching back as I hobble to the bathroom, I’ll take solace in the fact that I did what I could, and that was much more than most are ever privileged to be able to do. I’ve run for hundreds of miles through the Kuwaiti and Saudi deserts, I’ve climbed Mount Cook and Monte Blanc and I’ve rafted in Uganda. But I’ll never base jump the Angel Falls, not in this lifetime at least.

What would you do, if you could do anything? Where would you go and why? Maybe I’ll see you there one day, life isn’t just about chasing promotion, creating that winning personal brand and meeting targets, its about living and exceeding expectation as well.

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I am a specialist international recruiter within the retail technology space. I may very well be one of the most tenacious, diligent and innovative recruiter’s around, at least I try to be. As importantly I deliver my services and solutions using GrassGreener Group’s very own bespoke candidate assessment and delivery platform called i-Intro®. This means that I don’t just find you exquisite talent, I test it and measure it for you.

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