Monthly Archives: July 2015

Laugh loudly, laugh often.

  Seriously what is wrong with everyone? A quick glance around the world today and one thing is acutely obvious, everyone has their heads up their backsides and their offence-meter set to extremely sensitive. From Scottish Nationalists to Islamic Fundamentalists to School Teachers even comedians, or those masquerading as comedians.

Wherever you go, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or the local pub it appears that we all love grinding an ax more than having a laugh. Almost everyone’s response to anything is to attack it. Yesterday I made a witty comment on a discussion group about Jeremy Corbyn, the potential next leader of the Labour Party, it had a reference about him putting Michael Foot (an ex Labour stalwart and party leader) in his mouth. Within minutes I was attacked and called everything from a capitalist w**ker to a corporate tosser. Maybe this is the whole problem with the Labour Party, their automatic response to anyone who doesn’t agree with them is to vilify them, attack them and try and disparage them. It isn’t to engage in dialogue, to try and understand each other’s perspective and reach a point of mutual respect for each other’s opinion. It’s immediately on the offensive.

They aren’t alone, the whole world seems to love nothing more than knocking spots off each other. Religious scholars from every sect are not only fighting other religions, their busy fighting and in many cases killing them. Politicians across the world would rather see people suffer and economies collapse to score some rhetorical point. Individuals on social media bully, harass and belittle each other. It’s almost become the worlds favourite past-time.

In a world where generally people are more isolated than ever, where more and more of us work remotely, live away from our place of birth and the family and communities we grew up in, isn’t this very very sad? Surely during those dark times, tough moments, those days when you need a lift having someone to make you smile, to distract you from the gloom or clarify a situation with a good joke is more important than ever. Yet a quick look through the daily LinkedIn news feed is nothing but bland objection, criticism and mediocrity. Who suddenly declared that a business network or the place of work should be humour free.

I think it’s time everyone stopped taking themselves, their beliefs and their opinions so bloody seriously. I include myself in that statement. Remember the old pay it forward / create great karma craze that all those life coaches and motivational gurus came up with a couple of years ago, yes the idea that died on its arse? Well how about a new version, make someone laugh, make a complete stranger smile. If we all did something so simple every single day surely it would be a better place to be.