Stop telling everyone else what to do..

dont-worry-about-what-im-doing-worry-about-why-youre-worried-about-what-im-doing-quote-1Nobody cares about your pointless little opinion or frustration. Now I know there is a certain irony in my title of course. But seriously LinkedIn is becoming like some Social Media version of some tyrannical interventionist society. Stop it.

This morning alone in the first five minutes of my timeline on LinkedIn I saw the following posted:


  1. Stop calling HR “Business Partner”
  2. Stop using buzzwords
  3. Stop posting puzzles and personal photographs

Job Titles. Do you know what would be nice, really nice? If you all stopped telling other people to stop what they are doing and concentrated on what you should be doing instead. What business is it of yours precisely if I want to use the term HR Business Partner? Absolutely none. If you were the Global Head of the GRAIHRP, Globally Respected and Acknowledged Institute of Human Resource Professionals instead of just a Product / Marketing guy then maybe. But you aren’t. So get off your little soap box, stop frothing at the mouth about what other people are doing and do something else more interesting or important.

Buzzwords. Language changes constantly. What is a buzzword or new term today naturally enters peoples language, vocabulary, it isn’t a conscious thing. How many of us have spent the night with someone in a bar and the next day found ourselves using their euphemism’s, even their less tasteful language and similar. Today’s buzzword or new term is in tomorrows Oxford dictionary and then gradually forgotten that it ever was a buzzword in the first place. If I like the term Talent Acquisition as opposed to recruitment then that is my business. It isn’t your’s to use a means of ridiculing someone. You merely come across as a pompous arsehole.

Puzzles. People who actually post, share and even answer puzzles tell you something very important. They have too much time on their hands and no sense of sensibility because they are proudly announcing that they have too much time on their hands. Steer well clear of them.

Photo’s. Well I have to be honest I have seen some truly amazing architecture, engineering achievements, medical, science and similar photos posted on LinkedIn that have drawn me in. I’ve also seen some really interesting posts such as award winners, promotions, recognition, new office premises. I don’t mind them. I’m not a fan of wedding photo’s and new born baby’s but maybe some peoples connections, colleagues and so forth are. So who am I to tell Sarah not to announce to all her global work colleagues, friends and clients that she has given birth to a beautiful healthy baby. I’m sure they are all delighted to know and it seems like the best place to get that message across to such a wide and varied audience very easily in one simple status update.

Status Updates. I actually like these. I love it when someone has a great experience in a restaurant and lets the world know via LinkedIn and Twitter. I think it’s truly brilliant when I’m travelling down to London for the day and one of my clients or associates posts an update to let everyone know they are on the 9:15 into Kings Cross. Guess why? So I can call them and arrange to meet them. I’m overjoyed when someone posts that they have got a new job, a promotion or won a great piece of business.

Exceptions. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do these things, but consider carefully before you do.

Motivational Images. Please do think before you post. At least check the veracity of the origin of the quote and who said it first. Many of them are made up entirely and you just make yourself look like a dick.

Sick people and prayer calls. We all have sadness, sickness and distress in our lives somewhere. Posting an image of a child with cancer with an appeal for prayers is strangely sinister. I just don’t understand it, I’m an atheist. I find the whole praying thing a little weird anyway, so forgive me. But I do find it distressing to see suffering and it doesn’t lighten my day or improve my productivity.

Puppies. I personally love pictures of puppies, especially puppies with really important famous influential people who have changed the world we live in. Like James Caan, Richard Branson, Jordan Belfort or Greg Savage. But otherwise, leave it out please.

LinkedIn is what it is. It isn’t anyone’s job to be out there policing people and ridiculing people in the process. It’s a free world on LinkedIn, there are no religious police preaching intolerance, there are no harsh government’s restricting movement and thought and actions. Unless it’s hurtful, racist, sexist, offensive then just let people be for heavens sake. Comment, contribute, be sarcastic, be obtuse, be helpful, have an opinion, be nice unless you have no choice to be otherwise (Anthony Porter you massive plonker) but please stop telling people what they should do and how they should do it. It’s none of your business and you don’t have the right.

Neither do I, so I’ll get my coat now…. “TAXI”


One thought on “Stop telling everyone else what to do..

  1. Sophie

    Morning Darren! Here, here…we are all guilty of preaching sometimes so this is a good reminder. Also, how lucky we are to be able to communicate freely…

    Liked by 1 person


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