You cannot give great jobs away these days.

VeniceImagine just for a moment if someone had called you 5 years ago and asked if you would be interested in a job with a company called Uber, when it was still merely a vision, a seed of an idea. Imagine if that job had come with some form of equity. What would you have said?

When Apple were hiring their first employees, imagine if everyone Steve Wozniak had approached had sat back and declined, secure in their mundane little lives. Again, if Steve Wozniak or Michael Scott had called you when Apple was still a figment of their imagination, or even when Randy Wiggington was still attempting to rewrite BASIC so it would work on Apple II what would you have done?

Now I’m told by people in the know that Padova is a thriving metropolis of smart, innovative technology talent. I’m even led to believe that those in the know actually think Padova University is in reality much better than Milan. But this simply isn’t what I am finding.

Imagine my disdain at this point in time. I’m am working with a very trusted client of mine, a Chicago based investment firm who have a stellar reputation for identifying, acquiring and growing small companies in the tech space into world leaders in their sector. I have a potentially unique, once in a lifetime opportunity for a Vice President Product Development reporting into the CEO. They have a vision, a dream if you will. They believe they can turn their vision into the world leader in their sector, the global No1 in their field within 5 years. Yet nobody appears to be interested in joining them.

Not only is there equity on the table for the right person, there is the opportunity to essentially hire their own team of product developers, software engineers and architects. They can immediately hire (or ideally bring with them a Scrum Master as their Product Manager. They can go back and grab all the people they have mentored throughout their careers working for large corporate’s and bring them all together in one business, creating their own culture, their own vision can actually become a reality.

What’s more, this is all geared to take place in Venice, Italy. You know the place, great wines, gondola’s, beautiful sunsets and a sense of classical style and James Bond movies. A lifestyle far more relaxed than the one you would experience in Milan. Importantly this company wants to bring much needed jobs and investment to a place that really needs them

So what is wrong with the people in the beautiful region of Veneto? Where are the brave, ambitious, visionary senior Product Development Managers, Software Development Directors who are looking for a unique opportunity in a unique place?

I’ve advertised in English and Italian. I’ve used copywriters to add character and flavour to the copy. I’ve headhunted, social media frenzied the job and the company. Yet the response has been at best apathetic.

So if a visionary dream with immense investment, led by people with a history of achieving great things in a stunning location, great package and equity doesn’t attract people. What on earth would?

You can view the job here in Italian. If you would like a copy in English drop me a line to – If you are a recruiter who can help me and would like to collaborate then give me a call – +44 (0) 7880 231900


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