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Never let a candidate waste your time again – Spoof

For a while I have been observing the relentless bashing of candidates on LinkedIn. I have decided to do something about it – to change the reputation of candidates in our industry. More importantly this will enable the truly exceptional candidates to stand out from the mediocre, the average and the just plain ordinary.

Next week I launch, a place where recruiters and employers can find, rate and review candidates. is designed to enable more transparency in our industry, to distinguish between the high performing and the poor-quality candidates (based on employer and recruiter ratings/reviews).

It will empower employers and recruiters to only consider candidates who:

  1. Have not omitted anything from their CV’s
  2. Tell the truth about why they left their last and previous jobs
  3. Haven’t exaggerated anything on their CV’s
  4. Don’t grossly inflate their salary (a lie) to try and get you to bust your allocated budget and pay them more than they are worth
  5. Attend the interviews scheduled, and on time
  6. Prepare sufficiently in advance of the interview when advised to do so
  7. Call you following their interviews to tell you how it went
  8. Will not tell you they have another offer to try and get you to short-cut your process when they haven’t
  9. Will not accept a counter offer under any circumstances and then do
  10. Will not avoid all your phone calls when you need to make them an offer
  11. Will not decline an offer when it is a 20% salary increase
  12. Will not agree with the hiring organisation to be employed direct and in secret so the hiring company don’t have to pay the recruiter a fee
  13. Will not forge their own timesheet
  14. Will not call you on Friday afternoon to tell you they won’t be in on Monday because Mavis at Group 2 Security Recruitment Group has offered them 0.30p per hour more despite the fact the contract is shorter
  15. Call you on a Monday morning to tell you they won’t be in ever again because their Mother has died (which one this time)
  16. Will not post defamatory and entirely false reviews about you on social media because you sacked them for being an absolute nutter
  17. ……..

The above is a spoof idea, it would of course never work and it should of course never be even remotely possible. For the simple reason that this is a people business and by nature it can be very emotive and complex. One person’s perception of a bad experience is not the same as another.

The Recruitment Triangle

Ultimately there is always two sides to every story and in recruitment there are very often three sides. What the candidate knows and experiences, what the recruiter knows and experiences and what the hiring company knows and experiences. For obvious reasons, few if any of the real details are ever revealed to all parties. This is the recruitment industry equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle, where jobs, offers, candidates, clients and recruiters often go missing from the equation.