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Stop staring at me, I’m not a cockroach…

As some of you may be aware my recruitment career is on hold. In fact, I sincerely hope that it is finished, like an old flea-bitten dog; put out of its misery for good. I’m onto a bright shiny new future and have started at the very beginning, as a student with bold aspirations to one day be articulate and learned enough to become a policy influencer and advisor. So tell me your thoughts about tattoos and body piercings, please. I desperately need your insight and assistance for my very first research and dissertation project.

To fund my bus fare and the occasional pint of craft ale, I have started a part-time job for a well-known grocery retailer. I was somewhat surprised at their attitude towards visible tattoos and piercings. In short, they don’t like them and insist that they are covered or removed accordingly. I find this very strange in the 21st Century. There has surely never been a time when the liberty to be truly yourself, to be free to have your own choices and to present your personality and character as you think fit as now. This applies to everyone in a customer facing role, across checkout and stock support in this company.  All minimum wage jobs, all on meagre 7.5 hours per week contracts, all with basically no benefits, no security and little, if any rights. Yet this company is determined to marginalise itself and its access to potentially great people full of character and personality and independent thought! Who do they think they are; why would they do this?

I would appreciate your own personal insights on this matter as part of a research assignment I am now conducting for the sociology aspect of my studies. Your help is, of course, anonymous, I will share my final results and the associated essay upon completion across LinkedIn and via WordPress.

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Darren Ledger
Retired Recruiter, aspiring Anthro-Sociologist