Who is the MaverickRecruiter?

Welcome to my sounding board for ideas, thoughts and observations and my public broadcasting

The Maverick Recruiter – somewhere in the Middle East (not Dubai)

system which enables me to express my views. Not always conventional, more often than not controversial, but as a rule I try to be objective and do my best to promote positive thinking and innovation and to remain open minded, with the only major exception being my football team, The Arsenal.

I am a professional recruiter with almost 20yrs experience providing recruitment and associated solutions and services across the globe to a range of organisations as diverse as ‘Big 4’ professional services, to entrepreneurial start-ups and through to Fortune 500 and FTSE250 companies.

Who am I and what makes me different. I love working with and for organisation’s who are on a mission and have a vision. By this I don’t mean those who develop some glitzy ‘Mission Statement’ courtesy of a PR Firm because it looks great in the Annual Report. I mean the type of organisations who truly breathe their vision and strategic goals. Those companies where you just know that everyone is on the same page, where people go to work because they can’t wait to get there, those companies who through innovation or sheer determination want to make a positive impression on their market place, achieve great things for their investors and take their talent with them on a journey to success.

I don’t recruit, I create. My job is like mixing cocktails. I may not be Tom Cruise or Brian Brown in the

Tom Collins – simple but effective

movie of course, but I do strive to add that magical ingredient that makes the mouth tingle and enhances every other flavour present and makes something that little bit more special. Recruiting should be like doing jigsaws, when you finish a project or an assignment you should be able to stand back and smile, because you added that sublime piece of the puzzle. But parallel to this as a recruiter you should understand your client organisation well enough to pre-empt where they will be in 3mths, 6mths, a year and 3 years and always be looking for the talent, for the ingredient that will ensure they get there.

Similarly the only restriction on how you can recruit, what you can add to the experience and how deep you can get involved with your client audience is only limited by your creativity and imagination. Push for more influence, add more value, shake it up and throw in a slice of lemon or an umbrella and see what happens. Just never over promise and under deliver.

Recruiting great people for great companies who are run by great people isn’t a job, it’s a vocation almost. I consider it almost magical sometimes because despite all the technology, all the processes and all the tests and compliance elements, at the end of the day much of it relies on that massively under -valued element called instinct.

You often hear recruiters claim they fell into the industry, you often hear people being dismissive of it or generally criticising it. Ignore them. I chose this industry and I love it. I can’t change the way some people insist on operating within it, I can’t enforce a code of conduct. But I can lead by example and I can demonstrate to those I choose to work with just how important and valuable it can be to their organisation.

Why work if it doesn’t inspire you, challenge you and fulfill you!


All Donations (comments) appreciated if constructive

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